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On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 11:19 PM, RJP Computing <> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 5:49 PM, Ross Berteig <> wrote:
>> >1: Use Visual Studio and not a lot of rocks....
>> At the moment (ca. v1.0), LuaRocks sort of assumes that the
>> Windows platform implies that you have VS installed and
>> available. If you get it installed and working, then just using
>> VS for your own project work should work out ok.
> Yes this dependency should not be forced on Windows. The rocks that are
> available should be built and hosted as binaries that link to the VC8 CRT.
> Thoughts?

Agreed -- the ones we have there were contributed by the Kepler team
in order to have Kepler fully installable on Windows without requiring
a compiler toolchain in the system. I did try some rocks on Windows
for testing LuaRocks but I never tried to go building them all.
Perhaps a good first step in improving the selection of available
binary rocks on Windows would be to collect a list of which rocks
currently build and which don't.

>> <snip>
>> Ryan has said that LuaRocks is in his plans for Lua for
>> Windows... We all just need to gently encourage that because the
>> combination will be ideal. The end user gets an easily installed
>> and complete Lua, and then can extend it at will from the
>> community of modules, which then keep themselves up to date.
> If you want LuaRocks to be integrated faster I would really like help. I
> would like help getting binary releases of the rocks in the repository. If
> we can make this effort I will really step up the priority on testing and
> figuring out how to make it work in LfW. Thoughts? Volenteers?

Yes, getting the binaries in the rocks repo would be the best first
step. Another thing to do is to check if all desired modules do
currently have rockspecs in the repo at all.

(Maybe it would be best to continue this discussion at the luarocks
mailing list.)

-- Hisham