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Hi Dave,
I would certainly appreciate seeing the code.

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 4:55 AM, Dave Nichols <> wrote:
> I've done this successfully in a Windows context without changing anything
> in the standard Lua core, just overriding various standard Lua functions to
> redirect stdout/err/in to my code. The bulk of it is in Lua with just 2 'C'
> functions to get and put characters from a Window. I can give you the Lua
> code if you want.
> Wesley Smith wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> In our application, we have a console window that is supposed to
>> display stdout and stderr.  Essentially, information generated from
>> print(), error() and luaL_error is meant to go to this window.  It's
>> pretty straightforward to make this happen on OSX and Linux because
>> you can redirecet the output streams, but on Windows it's a bit of a
>> nightmare since a Windows windowed app doesn't have such output
>> streams unless you call AllocConsole().  I'm able to redirect stout et
>> al to this console windows but I don't really want it to go there.
>> Instead, I want it to go to the application's window like I'm able to
>> do on other platforms.
>> Given this info, I'm wondering what the best approach is to making the
>> user's experience as consistent across platforms.  I'd really like to
>> not have the MSDOS type console if possible.  The only approach I can
>> think of to do this is to replace the standard Lua functions print()
>> and error() with custom functions that print to the appropriate
>> window.  I'll also need to modify where luaL_error output goes, but
>> I'm not sure how to do that (preferably without modifying Lua source
>> code).  I would be satisfied with these 3 functions going to the app
>> window even though printf etc. would not.  Ideally it would, but from
>> all of the windows documentation and tutorials I've read, I don't
>> think it's possible.
>> Any ideas, comments, etc. greatly appreciated.  Windows is not my
>> usual platform, so I'm still trying to figure out how to do this while
>> meeting the expectations of people who do.
>> thanks,
>> wes
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> Regards,
> Dave Nichols
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