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On 28/08/2008, RJP Computing <> wrote:

> I think this should_not_ be the responsibility of Lua Binaries and should be
> in the next major (5.2) release of Lua. The reason I think this should not
> be a part of Lua Binaries is because this changes the operation of lua.exe
> instead of just modifing the way it works. To me this sounds like a feature
> request and for reasons highlighted here, should be adding to the main Lua
> source. Thoughts?--

A related point - when Lua is built as a DLL, I'd prefer to see the ?
in LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH refer to the directory containing the Lua
DLL, rather than that of the main EXE. That would allow me to package
my Lua DLL and external modules once, and then use it from a number of
apps located in different directories, without needing to have
multiple copies.

Again, this is really for core Lua, not for any particular
distribution to address.

If it would help, I could attempt to provide a patch for this.