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I'm very happy to announce release 1.0 of LuaRocks, the system for
deployment and management of Lua modules.

This is the first major release of this tool, the result of over two
years of work (LuaRocks 0.1 was released on August 2007, the oldest
LuaRocks-related email in my mailbox is dated August 2006).

What makes this release different from the previous ones is that the
.rock and .rockspec formats are frozen for the 1.0.x series -- in
other words, we'll make our best efforts so that no changes in future
1.0.x versions break any rocks that work with 1.0.

What's new since 0.6:
* Support for post-install hooks
* Path helper scripts for binaries on Windows systems.
* Git support, contributed by Thomas Harning.
* Improve shell compatibility for different Unix systems.
* Add the @ operator for no-upgrade dependencies.
* Add check for rockspec version format.
* Generate index.html when building a manifest for a repository.
* Plus assorted bugfixes.

Download links and documentation are available at

Check out the ever-growing repository of currently available rocks at:

Finally, I'd like to extend thanks to a number of people who helped
making this release happen:

André Carregal (the main driving force behind this project, without
whom none of this would have happened), Nels Anderson, A.S.Bradbury,
Ignacio Burgueño, Matthew M. Burke, Geoffroy Carrier, Andrea D'Amore,
Patrick Donelly, Peter Drahos, Peter Kapec, Thomas Harning, Ralph
Hempel, Brian Hetro, Asko Kauppi, Renato Maia, David Manura, Giovani
Marzano, Alexander Marinov, Fabio Mascarenhas, Jon Nalley, Luis
Eduardo Jason Santos, Mike Schmitz, Yuri Takhteyev, Jerome Vuarand,
Christian Walther, and everyone else from the luarocks-developers
mailing list who helped in any way (I'm certainly missing out people
in this list, but this is from my Changelog records).

Thank you all and... cheers!

-- Hisham