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Duncan Cross wrote:
> Yes, that's right. Since the whole point of LuaJIT is that it's
> converting Lua code to native machine code internally, when it is
> executed it is not running inside a Lua "thread" object that Pluto can
> inspect and serialize
Hmmm, that's a pickle. I was hoping the combination of both would give
me a serializable green-threaded environment with semi-native speed. So,
if I am correct in my understanding, LuaJIT discards the lua bytecode
and position information replacing it with a C-stack that we cannot
serialize using pluto (as it is no longer a Lua frame).

I wonder how much effort would be involved to move from one to the other
(i.e. from a LuaJIT runtime representation to a Lua runtime
representation) or if LuaJIT's transformation optimises the machine code
in such a way as to make this impossible. Perhaps Mike Pall could fill
us in on this (please?).