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Hi list,

I'm trying to compile a Lua source file on the PC (with the standard
luac compiler, I'm not using the cross-compile patch that was posted
on this list a while ago ) and then run the compiled bytecode on my
ARM boards. Keep in mind that:

- i386 and ARM are both little endian
- and 32 bits (as I'm using the 32-bit mode on my dual core CPU).
- and the data types are the same
This almost works. Almost, as in "some parts of the code work, and
some don't, and I can't find a pattern for this". Lua does NOT return
an error on the compiled work, it just doesn't execute it properly. Of
course, the source code works all the time.
So what's left? Maybe the floating point data types have different
representations and/or semantics? I'm not really using floating point,
but the Lua's number type is the default (double), so everything works
in double. I'm using GCC for ARM to compile my code, without any
specific options for floating point code generation.