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I am trying to statically link lua in my cpp program, but still I am getting errors like

undefined reference to `lua_pushnumber(lua_State*, double)'

Here is what I am doing:

Create a library using:    
    ar -x $(OAE_ROOT)/embed/linux/liblua.a
    ar -x $(OAE_ROOT)/embed/linux/libSDL.a
    ar -x $(OAE_ROOT)/embed/linux/libSDL_image.a   
    ar -x $(OAE_ROOT)/embed/linux/libftgl.a
    ar -x $(OAE_ROOT)/embed/linux/libxpath.a
    ar -cq liboaengine.a *.o

and then when i compile my code i use

g++ -g -Wall  -o catalyst main.o globalvars.o catalyst.o -lGL -lGLU -lfreetype -lpng -L. -loaengine

Any clue to what is going wrong ?