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> No, this is not possible. Loadfile only compiles the file, it does not
> run it. If the file uses require(), dofile(), loadfile(), or similar
> functions, those will not be called until runtime, when you call the
> function created by luaL_loadfile using lua_pcall. At that point, if
> they try to load bad files, the compilation of *those* files will fail
> and you'll see a runtime error.

Thanks for the clarification. For lua_pcall, I've been providing my
own error function that does a stack trace and saves the line number
and file name. In the case of require(), this function wasn't being
called so I assumed it was due to the luaL_loadfile. But it turns out
that my error function doesn't get invoked in this case.

It seems that in this case, I don't get a truncated filepath/name, so
I can parse it. But now I'm rather confused on when I get a truncated
string or not.

>> Is it safe to continue using this Lua state after the luaL_loadfile()
>> failure, or should I be creating a separate Lua state to do this in?
> Yes, it's safe. As far as I'm aware it is not possible to get the lua
> state into an "unsafe" state as long as you are using the API properly
> (and if it is, this is a bug in lua, and should be reported).

I realized I needed a separate Lua state anyway because it's not clear
to me if the string library is loaded in my other state and if so, if
a script didn't remove the 'string' table.