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Did you patch the old (gsub-based) Cosmo or the newer (LPEG-based) ones? If the former I think it's easier if you just tell what you did. :-)

Fabio Mascarenhas

On Sun, Aug 17, 2008 at 5:03 PM, DarkGod <> wrote:

I did it again! I just love making websites in lua it seems :)
After my smtp server(tethys) and a web app to use it ( I set
myself up for an online PIM:
Actually I started it over a year ago using kepler and xavante it was
my first web project using lua and was great fun.

I rewrote it several times as I discovered new stuff, like cosmo template
engine, mod_wombat, ...
I severely tweaked cosmo to allow some more things, I plan to send a patch for
it but my code base is quite old and the diff is horrid :/

Why do I tell you all this ?
Because I do not see much web development stuff going on this list and
I thought it could decide more people to write web stuff in lua :)

I have had a lot of fun making my websites (actually I have a third one: which is a money game, but it's in french) and I
came up with some basic stuff and structuring that I do for all my sites
that could be useful to others (well the design/code is probably horrendous
as I learned by doing it but anyway).
If there is interest in seeing how things work I can cook up a small example
site with the source available. But please do not laugh :)

I'll go get cooking that example I think :)
Long live Lua!