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In preparing a rockspec for luajson, I stumbled into what I think might be a problem for testing...

I want my test scripts to use the version of luajson that is in the source tree (configured using package.path), however the luarocks.require uses the package in the luarocks repository instead.

Is there any elegant mechanism to make luarocks work selectively to fit the following situation...

 * Try to use lua modules from a local path
 * Try to use luarocks modules
 * Use lua modules from default paths

My current mechanism is a hack of sorts:

local old_require = require
local luarocks_require = require

function require(module, ...)
	if module == "luajson" or module:match("^luajson%.") then
		return old_require(module, ...)
	return luarocks_require(module, ...)
== END

Where my default LUA_INIT is "require('luarocks.require')"...

Any better solutions?

Also: I originally used the ?/init.lua pattern for luajson, but it appears that luarocks doesn't work with this, so instead I have to use a json.lua outside of the json/ directory tree. Perhaps ?/init.lua should be added to the capabilities of luarock's build system...