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Ralph Hempel wrote:
Hisham wrote:

My plan, if I ever get back to it, is to use make to
build Lua and the desired libraries into a platform specific package.

But instead of having make call the compiler to build the parts of
the package, it will call LuaRocks and use its builtin module
build type to call the compiler.

Wait! Why not just use the makefile with the module? Well, all of those
modules have slightly different makefile styles, and getting them
into shape for the platform specific make is pretty ugly. The developer
would have to merge my changes into their makefile too, or else
I'll have to change it again when they upgrade the source of their

Not sure if there is a route here...

Well there is Premake which uses Lua as it's scripting to create makes and ide setups. (3.7 in svn is updated to 5.1.3)

(server is often glacial)