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云帆江 wrote:
thanks for all helps and sorry for boring you
so many method showed
but the problem is i am not a c coder and i dont know how to compile the program
what i learn is some language like perl php python and lua
all that are scrite language ,so what i need is a binary file
not source.
so who can help for this

I believe you mentioned in your second e-mail to the list that you want to write games.

Since you don't compile anything now, you need to find a project that: (1) provides game scripting capabilities, and (2) is maintained, alive, and has a community.

A basic Lua distribution does not have the functions you need for game programming. But there are some projects around that are tailored towards fast game development, where you can write the entire game in Lua. Some may not be SDL, but I suggest that for now, just get something that works and that you can easily use.

So, find something like Apocalyx. I've seen samples before; pretty much everything can be done using Lua scripting running on prebuilt executables -- no compilation necessary. There are probably other projects like Apocalyx. Go look for them. We can't give specific suggestions since we don't even know what operating system you are using.

So, your task now is to look for game engine projects that uses scripting (do check out PyGame too), then download and try them out. Choose the one that matches what you want to do and can start using easily.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia