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云帆江 wrote:
murgaLua is a special version,some body named murga make it ,it has it binary file just in 500kb ,more or less and include too many lib,like socket http sqlite fltk,etc,but it's useful for make a common tool while not for making a mini game
so i need a sdl support for it
can someone show me a method or anyother version lua intepretor can do it? i like mini intepretor

If you wish to solicit suggestions on this, you might want to give some examples of what you intend to do. MurgaLua looks to me like a good prepackaged Lua distribution -- which is great if that's what you want. There are other binaries to choose from, or you can compile your own. We cannot tell you for sure what the best option is, because we know too little of what you intend to do.

Miko has demonstrated in the other posting on using alien to bind to SDL in a beautifully simple manner. If you look around, there are other SDL bindings around. But as far as I know, there is nobody who is providing a ready-to-use SDL library binding for Lua that is maintained and supported. The LuaSDL on LuaForge should be considered prototyping material for playing around with, and no support is provided.

So anyone who wants to use SDL should perhaps search for an actual game engine that uses Lua (which would provide far better support and facilities than LuaSDL ever would -- which is why it is a little pointless for LuaSDL to duplicate such existing engines), or else the person might need to compile (and maintain) something on his/her own.

If you are not writing a game, you can probably already do a whole lot using murgaLua without ever needing to touch SDL.

So, without knowing more about your needs, nobody can really tell you what's best except yourself.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia