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Tim Channon writes:
> I have written a Lua licensed tool in ANSI C which takes a small 
> configuration text and automatically creates a pair of C files, .h and 
> .c which act as a binding between mixed mode Lua libraries and a core C 
> application.

This seems related to some of the precompiler/preloader scripts linked
on the page .

The main difference, I think, in your approach is that you are
assembling both C modules and Lua modules/scripts into a single
"chunk" of C code, which can be #include-ed in a C application.
Other approaches assembled only Lua modules/scripts into a single
chunk of Lua bytecodes.  It's interesting to think of a collection
of C modules, Lua modules, and Lua scripts as some type of
reusable component or assembly that could be packaged in various ways.

It would seem more natural to me to write such a text processing
utility in Lua rather than C though.