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eLua is an effort to bring the Lua programming language in the
embedded world (MCUs). It is meant to be a complete MCU development
environment. It currently runs on a number of ARM variants, as well as
Cortex (and i386 as a proof of concept). Version 0.3 was just
released, this is the changelog:

* Now you can play hangman directly from eLua :), thanks to the new
"term" module that handles ANSI escape sequences
* Added support for ST STR912FW44
* Added support for Cortex LM3S6965
* More intuitive and flexible build system (new syntax, component
selection at build time)
* eLua examples are now part of the repository
* Project documentation updated

Go to the project main page ( for more
information, and to the download page
( for information about how you
can download eLua.