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On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 10:10 AM, Paul Moore <> wrote:

> The big issue here is that it's about standardisation. Nothing will
> really work until everyone uses it. And that's a community issue. The
> various threads here show that people understand the need, but will
> they change how they work to follow a new standard? Particularly
> developers on Unix, who don't have the issue and so have to change
> their build processes for no benefit to themselves.

that's exactly the issue.  any solution for dealing with MS
bait-and-switch tactics must not affect other systems.

i certainly won't change my two-line makefiles, even less the
dynamically compile-link-run of luatcc just because the 90% of users
are held hostages of an hostile entity.

said that, i applaud any efforts to make it developing on such
platform more approachable and freer (MinGW and Qt come to mind).