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Hello Joey,

I have recently had to go back to programming VB.Net and I have been discovering that VB.Net is 0 based where VB6 was 1 based, its a pain I agree.

I certainly need to add some extra documentation on this matter, but here is my thoughts on the matter.
I wanted to keep wrappered vectors & wrappered C-arrays to follow the same convertion that C does(0+), rather than convert to the Lua convention (1+), as the underlying information is still C, not Lua.
However if you convert from C-arrays to Lua tables, it makes more sense for them to be numbered as Lua(1+).

Within typemaps.i (demo'ed in Examples\Lua\arrays) is a typemap for arrays, which converts arrays<->tables. I suggest you have a look at that.

I hope this clairifies matters a little bit (but rereading this mail it still looks messy). Feel free to ask again.


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