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In case anyone is interested, I came across this announcement:

Matthias Walter has announced a nifty D binding for Lua 5.1.3 <>. It’s feature rich and apparently makes interfacing between the two languages quite simple. From the NG announcement:

   * Wrapper classes for lua_State and lua_Buffer make interfacing in
   OOP style an elegant thing.
   * LuaObject classes represent the lua native datatypes and let you
   save/load them easily to binary streams to save your data or send it
   over the network
   * Safe lua calls are now exception-safe! This was by now impossible,
   due to Luas use of the longjmp() function family.
   * Support for stack- and function-traces for better debugging.
   * Processing of output is variable via delegates
   * Wrapping of D classes in lua with a per-state registration of
   specific functionality of the class is possible via mixins. On the
   one hand, one can create arbitrary Lua objects in D classes, but on
   the other hand let lua programs create and work on D objects as well.

Taken from

Ignacio Burgueño