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I am aware of the fact that on input number arguments are accepted by lua_isstring (and luaL_checkstring, etc.), as is mentioned in the documentation. Sometimes however it is necessary to reject a number and accept a string only. As an example think of 2 optional arguments:
  calling("optional_string", optional_number)
In such a case differentiation between a real string and a number eases processing of such an argument list. Although it is possible differentiate with lua_isnumber, that has the drawback that other erroneous types are not catched here.

The solution is to define a macro:
  #define isrealstring(S,A) (!lua_isnumber(S,A) && lua_isstring(S,A))

My point then is: Given the series of lua_is's and luaL-check's, may I be so bold as to suggest addition to the upcoming version of Lua of something as lua_isrealstring?

Hans van der Meer