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On 3 aug 2008, at 16:11, I wrote (message shortened):

I am having a strange experience with "luaL_newmetable" and friends.
3=> I get bus errors when accessing the stack in B ("a-id" in the entrance code) after lines:
lua_setmetatable(L, -2);
I suspect the problem has something to do with accessing the registry for an existing table. ...
I am at my wits end. Any pointers to the culprit will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Now I must apologize "having not completely gone to the end of my wits". The problem was not with my understanding of Lua but arose from a situation where a NULL pointer could be dereferenced. Perhaps I should have suspected so common a bug earlier, but after many hours of toiling with what seems an obscure bug...

I hope not too many people have already answered my call. In any case, they are thanked for their kindness.

Hans van der Meer