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Gavin Wraith wrote:
> I have just joined a larger slice of the human race by getting
> myself a tiny notebook with Windows XP. I have downloaded SciTE
> to use as a text editor, because I believe it can be configured
> using Lua. Naturally I would like to configure it to provide
> facilities with which I have for many years been familiar
> using the StrongED text editor under RISC OS. One of them is
> the facility to doubleclick on a URL in a text file to cause
> a browser to open that URL. How would I go about adding that
> facility to SciTE? All advice from those more familiar with
> Windows XP and with SciTE will be gratefully received.

You might want to continue this on the SciTE mailing list, 'cause
this may end up more-or-less OT to this list.

The SciTE community has user-contributed Lua scripts hosted on the
Lua wiki at:

There is a script that works on Linux; it's probably feasible to
do something similar to call a browser on Win32. However, I'm not
aware of any method to retrieve the "default browser" path when on
command line using WinXP. The script is at:

You can also hook a script to double-click on SciTE, but some
users are happier with keyboard shortcuts, especially if they
prefer to keep both hands on the keyboard most of the time.
Perhaps someone already have a solution, either here or on the
SciTE list. If so, please do update the SciteOpenUrl wiki page. :-)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia