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Hi guys,

lconsole is a GUI Lua interactive console for Windows that tries to be smarter.

Whether it succeeds I leave up to you...

Apart from fixing a few little nasties, the major feature of this
release is that a limited but useful form of tab-completion is
supported. For instance, if you type 'string.' and hit <tab>, then a
drop-down list of all functions inside 'string' will be visible. This
also looks in the metatable of objects, so if s is a variable of type
string, then 's:' followed by <tab> will also work. Any chars typed
after the '.' will be used to restrict the search, and if there's a
unique match it will complete the symbol.  'chains' of field accesses
like 'a'.b.c.' are also handled properly.

There is now a lconsole-specific help file, accessible from the Help menu.

If you are interested in any LuaInterface objects, then tab-completion
still works because it uses reflection to find all the methods of an

This zip contains the extra .lua files and docs needed to run with an
existing LuaInterface installation:

This contains a package suitable for loading on top of Lua For Windows:

Note: does require .NET 1.1 to be installed!

steve d.