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> 1) how serious is global variables wrt performance?
> 2) we tried LuaJIT. It gives 30-40% performance improvement on simple
> Lua code. But, in case of actual code(which involves access to some
> in-memory DB (mcO) and other C call), it is not giving any improvement.
> Any suggestions!
> - Manish Jain

How about trying AMD CodeAnalyst (free!) or Intel VTune (there's free
trial version) ? These tools support Windows and several distributions
of Linux.

It will tell you which module and which C function is consuming CPU time,
without big overhead. So you can find out which to blame, Lua or other
part of code.

AMD Codeanalyst can run basic profiling on both AMD and Intel CPUs.
And it can do detailed profiling on AMD CPUs, As I used Windows version.

VTune seems to have better call stack analysis. But it supports Intel
CPU only.

Makoto Hamanaka <>