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Lua linked to crt X can only load modules linking to the same crt X, anything else is wrong(even if it manages to run fine for a bit, it's a timebomb). This has nothing to do with lua nor luabinaries, but the fact that windows is an os based on binary distribution,
unlike *nices which are based on source.

Just deal with it, you can't get around it...

Paul Moore wrote:
I want to allow users of my application which embeds Lua to load
external libraries (or at least, I thought I did until I started
looking at this!) but I'm confused by all the various LuaBinaries
available for Windows. A number of libraries claim to be "compatible
with LuaBinaries", but given the number of options, I can't see what
that means!

I can see why there are multiple .lib files corresponding to different
compilers, but it appears that the various Lua DLLs are linked with
different versions of the MSVC runtime. Does this mean that extensions
need to use the same CRT as well, so that an extension compatible with
(say) is not compatible with

If that's the case, I guess I have to leave CRT compatibility issues
to users (and accept the rish that if they get it wrong, the hosting
app may crash). Either that or use a static build of Lua and disable
dynamic loading.

Are there any other options I've missed?