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On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 1:58 PM,  <> wrote:
> If (as I think) you're talking about OS level pre-emptive threads (and not
> Lua coroutines), I would strongly suggest looking for a solution s.a. Lanes
> for this.

Yes, I'm talking about OS threads.

> I've just finished work on a full revise of it, and will make a fine tuned
> release early next week.  It will give you plenty of tools to get the
> cancellation done what you're looking for.

Great. Is there a changelist? (If not, I can wait until release,
nothing urgent here.)

> By the way, would you rather limit the amount of time consumed
> by the Lua state (a true watchdog) or just the number of Lua instructions?

As to my current situation -- I can settle for number of instructions.
I simply need to catch runaway user scripts. On to the other hand, a
true watchdog would be useful (not necessary with less-than-second
granularity) -- think, for, example, of analogue to php.ini
max_execution_time variable.

> Early prerelease is available in LuaForge. 'make test' works on Linux and OS X.

You mean here: ?

Am I correct that documentation in the archive (index.html) was not
yet updated for the new version?

Also, a question (sorry, didn't find the answer by skimming the docs).
Would I be able to limit the number of threads (and, possibly, to
allow more than one state per thread, with cross-thread job-stealing
-- but that's wishful thinking)?