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I'd be willing to offer Helsinki, Finland, as a candidate for 2009.

We have sea, islands, pleasant weather. Many high tech companies, only one of which I know is using Lua (but their application is an interesting one!).

Traffic arrangements are superb once here; direct flights to most European cities, some American. And lot of Asian... ;)

How many participants were there in Washington D.C.?


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo kirjoitti 18.7.2008 kello 3:52:

Hope the community can have another one next year instead of having to wait until 2010. :-) I think the Lua community is big enough to host one of these
once a year...

Sure. We just need someone with as much energy as Matthew! (And Mark and
Wim before him.) "If you organize it, they will come."