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On 17/07/2008, Thomas Lauer <> wrote:
> Why not set Lua's io.std* variables from your C code?

To what? I only have a FILE* and I can't get an io object from it, as
far as I can tell.

> You can do so
> inside Lua code and (given the right massaging) you can do the same from
> C. At least that's what I did (and you know for what;-)) and it seems to
> be stable.

Indeed, I do know what :-) I'll have a look at how you did it. Thanks.

> However, I'd have to agree that this issue needs some attention in
> future versions of Lua. For something that's expressly designed to be
> embeddable I think this lack of interoperability is surprising.

Agreed. I've been frustrated by this one before. On the one hand,
being able to encapsulate objects tightly, so people can't spoof your
library, is good. But on the other hand, it means you are in trouble
if people have requirements you didn't anticipate.