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On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 04:18:02PM -0300, Ignacio Burgue?o wrote:
> Chip Salzenberg wrote:
>> Sadly, none of these can be the issue, as the very same module works or does
>> not work depending on which driver program calls it.  The basic approach must
>> be sound or else gc would never occur.
>> I also set a panic function just to be sure.  It was not called.
> Ehm... I think the problem is that you're not registering your library.
> testxs.lua does a require "xstring" and xsperf.lua does not. Neither  
> testxs.c nor xsperf.c opens your library, so it's up the the script to  
> do that.

Nice catch!  One-line fix.  Thanks muchly.

> It'd be better if _xstr_newptr asserted on the absence of xstring's  
> metatable.

Agreed.  Thanks again.
Chip Salzenberg <>