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The newest version of pbLua is available for the LEGO


The home page is no different because I accidentally borked
the file - time to get the website into a source control
system ;-)

There are modifications to the RFID tutorial to make it work
with the production sesnor from CODATEX. Thanks to CODATEX
for supplying a sensor for testing, and to Steven Shapiro
for helping with code and testing.

The HiTechnic IRLink tutorial is also expanded now that the
nxt.EncodeIR() function also works for the RC Train commands.
You can control up to three train channels with your NXT
and one IRLink from HiTechnic.

Actually, you can control RC Trains and Power Function motors
at the same time with an IRLink....

As always, let me know if you find any errors or
if you have any tutorial requests.

I'm working on one that uses pbLua's cooperative multitasking
to let you do other things while waiting for sensor readings or
for motors to get where they are going.

Cheers, Ralph

PS. If you no longer want to receive this email, please drop me
a note and I'll be happy to take you off the list.