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Marcin Niśkiewicz wrote:
I tried to install lua on solaris... and i didn't succeded ...
gcc -o luac  luac.o print.o liblua.a -lm -ldl
Could You tell me what's wrong?

Nothing, as far as I can tell; it looks like it all worked. Did you try running the executable and seeing what happened?

The warnings you've been getting are because Lua uses the visibility("hidden") gcc attribute to prevent internal functions from being exported, and your gcc configuration doesn't support it. It's harmeless and you can ignore it. If you don't want the warnings, edit luaconf.h and change:

#define LUAI_FUNC       __attribute__((visibility("hidden"))) extern


#define LUAI_FUNC       extern

(Although I'm surprised that Solaris doesn't support this; Solaris does use ELF, right?)

David Given