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This new stable build of lua4nt (v 0.2) corrects a few shortcomings of
the previous version. Changes include:

* Lua functions to call the 4NT/TCC plugin functions Command(), *_Cmd()
  and ExpandVariables(). These functions are called via table lua4nt.

* changes to the way the input redirection works

* a readme with some preliminary documentation

* other assorted small changes

The zip file contains the dll, the glue source code, the necessary
header and library files to recompile (sans the Lua source files), a few
examples and the readme.


---- copied from the previous announcement ----
> lua4nt is a plugin dll for the JPSoft command-line-processor family
> (4NT/Take Command). lua4nt.dll contains the whole of the standard Lua
> distribution (5.1.3, plus lhf's token filter code) as well as the glue
> code required to bind the whole lot to 4NT/TCC. See the 4NT/TCC command
> 'plugin' for details of how to load/unload plugins.
> (Note: There is a free (as in beer) basic version of the JPSoft
> command line processor called TCC/LE. See their website for details and
> downloads: ).

cheers  thomasl