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Came across the page and was told this was the best place to let you know about the project.

Spring is a free "Open Source" (as best we can interpret GPL) project that implements an engine for creating fully 3D RTS games.  For the most part it draws it's roots from a group of old Total Annihilation hackers who eventually built the first versions as "Total Annihilation in 3D".

It has been supporting lua, both synced lua for designers using the engine to extend the functionality of their games along with GUI and helper scripts for end users, for quite some time now.

The project is at a point where there are hundreds of users logging in to the game matching server most days to play online multiplayer games build for the engine.

The project is actively working towards new releases of the engine and many projects are in active development and have made releases which people are actively playing ( like Imperial Winter (Star Wars Spring): , Tower Defense: , Kernel Panic: , Gundam Annihilation: , along with many others and ones that attempt to recreate Total Annihilation (most popular mods are the TA ones as most of our community comes in because they hear that Spring is TA in 3D)).

I wanted to at least draw your attention to the project as its my personal hope to draw in some people from the LUA community to the project. As I mentioned many of our most active community members came in because of TA and therefore have to start from scratch to learn lua so someone who knows lua and is willing to learn Spring could be useful.  In particular I believe the people making the Star Wars and Battletech mods are looking for some lua-help.

-- Benjie (SinbadEV)