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I am having problems with one of the Asserts in the 2.0.2 version of the LuaProfiler code when building it with the DEBUG variable set.  Specifically the ASSERT in ‘lprofM_pause_total_time’:


/* pause the total timer for all the functions that are in the stack */

void lprofM_pause_total_time(lprofP_STATE* S) {

  lprofS_STACK aux;


  ASSERT(S->stack_top, "pause_total_time: stack_top null");


  /* auxiliary stack */

  aux = S->stack_top;


  /* pause */

  while (aux) {


    aux = aux->next;




I have built the LuaProfiler into a static library containing both Lua and LuaProfiler.  If I do so without the DEBUG variable set (e.g. ASSERT is a NOOP) or comment out the ASSERT above the code seems to run OK (and I get valid looking profiler results).  If not then the ASSERT above fails immediately and the application exits.  The function above is called from two places.  The one I am having trouble with is:


/* pauses all timers to write a log line and computes the new stack */

/* returns if there is another function in the stack */

int lprofP_callhookOUT(lprofP_STATE* S) {


  if (S->stack_level == 0) {

    return 0;





  /* 0: do not resume the parent function's timer yet... */

  info = lprofM_leave_function(S, 0);

  /* writing a log may take too long to be computed with the function's time ...*/




If the function being exited is at the bottom of the stack (level 1) then in my configuration the ASSERT fails.


Note that the ”profM_leave_function” (which is called right before “lprofM_pause_total_time”) has the same ASSERT and is OK, but, after its ASSERT it pops the top value from the stack:


lprofS_STACK_RECORD *lprofM_leave_function(lprofP_STATE* S, int isto_resume) {


  ASSERT(S->stack_top, "leave_function: stack_top null");


  leave_ret = lprofS_pop(&(S->stack_top));



This would appear to leave nothing in the stack if the function being exited is at the bottom of the stack and therefore trigger the issue I am seeing.


My guess is that I am overlooking something.  Can anyone provide some insights into what my problem might be?