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That sounds wonderfull!
Does it mean lua can be used as an OS?:P
------------------ Original ------------------
From: "Bogdan Marinescu"<>;
Date: 2008年7月7日(星期一) 晚上06:21
To: "Lua list"<>;
Subject: [ANN] eLua project page + a nice surprise (don't miss it! :) )
Hi all,

The eLua project webpage is up ( For now it
contains the project description and a few tutorials. And a surprise:
until I upload the sources to CVS, eLua gives you the opportunity to
boot your PC directly in Lua! No OS, no nothing, just Lua (well, eLua
to be more precise). Intrigued? Good :) For more details go to

Thank you,
Bogdan Marinescu