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Roberto wrote:
> I think Makoto has a point, despite his disregard for the Don't-claim-
> that-you-have-found-a-bug rule:
>   "It's especially undiplomatic to yell 'bug' in the Subject line."

Thank you.
I really learned a lot here ;-)

> Whether it is a bug is not that relevant. What is relevant is whether this
> is a "good" behavior, and it looks like it is not.

I agree.
What I really want to know is how these things will be, or should be in
the future.

Then, do you think that both two points need to be changed in some way?

The second one, collegarbage("step",n) sometimes does't return "cycle
end flag" when it should, is not yet discussed enough here. I think I've
shown some way to reproduce what I'm saying, mainly on my second mail on
this topic.

Makoto Hamanaka