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Announcing release 0.6 of LuaRocks, the system for deployment and
management of Lua modules.

This release adds new features as well as a number of bugfixes. Thanks
to everyone who reported issues.

In this release:

* Make sure CFLAGS is defined on all Unix platforms, including
Cygwin. Fixes bug reported by Nels Anderson.
* Fix use of multiple repositories when loading modules from an
already-loaded rock. Fix by Giovani Marzano.
* Be smarter when deciding if a rock is pure Lua or not, also checking bin/
* Check external deps on binary installs. Allow rockspecs to specify
supported platforms. Support platform-agnostic specification of
external deps files.  Allow overriding external deps subdirs.
* Fix manifest generation for rock names with hyphens
* Don't fail when using DESTDIR but not SCRIPTS_DIR.
* Fix scripts dir when using --to. Reported by Andrea D'Amore.
* Fix for when tree directory does not exist.  Bug reported by A.S. Bradbury.
* Structure build systems in subdirectories.
* Restructuring of fs code.
* Modularize fetch code to support multiple SCMs.
* Fail properly when Lua's require() fails. Bug reported and fix
suggested by Patrick Donelly.
* Added specific support for 'doc' directory in rockspecs.
Auto-install files in 'lua' in builtin builds.
* Add support for Surround SCM, contributed by Ignacio Burgueño.
* "module" build type renamed to "builtin"; "cvs_tag" and "cvs_module"
renamed to "tag" and "module". Old names still supported for
compatibility for now, to be cleaned up by 1.0.

Download links and documentation are available at

Check out the ever-growing repository of currently available rocks at:

-- Hisham