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First a summary. We have an interface IFoo. We want to be able to create implementations of this interface from lua code through LuaInterface and then return this implementation created in lua back to the .net code.


Now the example code.


In the C# file… in an assembly called bar.dll

Namespace bar



public interface IFoo


                long get_id();




In the lua file…




impl = {}

function impl:get_id()

                return 1.0



function get_instance()

                return make_object(impl, ‘bar.IFoo’)



To summarize, we have an interface IFoo that exists in the .net app domain. We want to be able to create new implementations ‘on the fly’ by evaling the lua file.  A few notes on the lua code. Originally I followed the luainterface paper and tried to call make_object(impl, IFoo) (no quotes) but the LuaInterface could not find the function. Once I added the quotes as I read in the LuaInterfaceTest project it stopped bombing out in the lua interpreter.


Now for the use of LuaInterface that is giving me trouble.


Lua l = new Lua();


l.DoFile(<the above lua code file>);


IFoo f = l.GetFunction(“get_instance”).Call();


Instead of getting a new instance of type IFoo f is just null. Based on what I read in the LuaInterface paper this should work however I have not seen this done in any example code so I am still unsure. 





time makes fools of us all,


ben siemon




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