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Hello again,
On to the second question:

Where can I get a long explanation of what's new in Lua 5.1? The modules sample chapter of PIL 2nd ed made that part clear, and I know the library changes and length from the reference manual, but howabout the rest of the features.

Most of my Googling has really brought up presentation slides, ref cards etc... which are a bit too compact reading to my taste, though helpful. I'm also not into tutorials much, preferring to read about the thing and try it out myself rather than read the code. Since I'm legally blind, I'd need to buy an accessible e-book version of the PIL 2nd ed, or have it scanned and OCR:ed for the real long explanation, <smile>.

In particular, the new var-arg syntax baffles me even having read the vararg second class citizen article in the Lua wiki. Why the change to make vararg processing more cumbersome? I do liek the fact that the list has a name like ... now, and you can even pass such lists to modules. Which reminds me, can I pass extra args to modules when requiring them, like i can in Perl's use operator? How does the module magiclly get its name as the first element of ... anyway?

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä
Accessibility, Apps and Coding plus Synths and Music: