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Sebastien Loisel wrote:
> I tried the LuaJIT, but
> the current version is broken in Windows. I tried compiling LuaJIT in cygwin
> and MinGW, in XP and Vista, and each time, it produces an executable that
> doesn't work. (Depending on the situation, it either immediately returns to
> the shell prompt, it hangs, or it complains about some null pointer
> dereference or thing like that.)

Well, 80% of the user base of LuaJIT is using Windows and so far
nobody ever reported a problem compiling it. :-)

For mingw you just use "make mingw" from the top level. For MSVC
you need to open a "Visual Studio Command Prompt" window, cd to
the etc directory of LuaJIT and run luavs.bat. All of this is
described in jitdoc/luajit_install.html of course.

If this doesn't work for you (be sure to use the latest version)
then please indicate the specific problems you're encountering.