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>The devil is in the details of port and driver configuration. 
>Windows provides a rococo collection of capabilities for a basic 
>RS-232 UART. If it thinks it the port might really be a modem, or 
>if the port itself has a dedicated "provider", then things can 
>get even more complex quite quickly. For a real fun read, track 
>down the documentation on establishing a data call under the 
>Windows Telephony API and try to make sense of it. Hand coding a 
>send/expect module to dial the phone with classic Hayes AT 
>commands (even after handling all the phone-line errors like no 
>answer, wrong number, a FAX answered instead of a data modem, 
>etc.) looks quite pleasant after that...

That's curious -- I've never had such an issue before so long as I built the DCB correctly and called SetCommState(). But you may know something I don't.

In any case, good luck :) My recommendation is just to keep in mind that you may want to port this later, so when you're coding things, keep in the back of your head "How might I be able to easily port this later?" when you write a function, etc.

-- Matthew P. Del Buono