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At 07:16 AM 6/13/2008, wrote:
>> Can't you run a little .exe from the installer that deletes/add
>> env vars as necessary? You could pass it instructions in its
>> command line.
>Yes I could do this and have done this in the past, but I was not
>happy with the solution. The .exe was not written by me so I had
>no control and it wasn't written well. Do you have a tool for this
>kind of thing.

The classic InnoSetup trick uses a tiny exe called EditPath to do
this. It was (and may still be) widely available for download in
late 2004. A quick google didn't turn it up from a (IMHO)
"reliable" source today. I have a copy of v1.0 dated November 30,
2004 I can send you if you want it.  It was licensed "free", but
the ZIP I have didn't include the source, which was allegedly
some Pascal dialect I wouldn't have been able to recompile in any

This is one of those tools that one occasionally needs (and often
needs in an installer) that is unfortunately not really available
in stock Windows. InnoSetup can create the required registry keys
directly, but it is not easy to  edit the content of an existing key.

A nice feature of EditPath is that it can delete a folder from
PATH so that uninstall can remove itself from the path, and a
later update could move the folder to the front or back as needed.

Now if InnoSetup could just be rebuilt to use Lua as its
scripting language instead of that bizarre dialect of interpreted
Pascal it has now...

Ross Berteig                     
Cheshire Engineering Corp.