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2008/6/10 Thomas Lauer <>:
> (This is not yet a full-fledged announcement as lua4nt is not yet
> extensively tested. See below.)
> lua4nt is a plugin dll for the JPSoft command-line-processor family
> (4NT/Take Command). lua4nt.dll contains the whole of the standard Lua
> distribution (5.1.3, plus lhf's token filter code) as well as the glue
> code required to bind the whole lot to 4NT/TCC. See the 4NT/TCC command
> 'plugin' for details of how to load/unload plugins.

I'm curious how this compares with my version - It's a while since I announced it,
and to be honest I can't recall if I announced it here or just on the
4nt list, but it might be interesting to see how the 2 approaches

I'll certainly take a look at some stage, and I'd be interested in
your thoughts.