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Jason Neufeld wrote:
> [snip snip] The main caveat, of
> course, is that Actionscript is SLOW. I've done extreme optimizations,
> though, and am going to do more. Right now the fibonacci at the
> default of 24 executes at approximately 2.6 seconds regular and 0.5
> seconds cached. Compared to the C VMs 0.04 and 0.00005 this is
> extremely slow, but consider that when I first had it working it would
> time out (> 15) seconds, then I got it down to 12 seconds, finally
> down to 3.5, and now today down to 2.6, (this all on my 2.4ghz core
> duo macbook pro) so there is alot of room to bring things down.
> I'm basically asking for any input, and most importantly, just any
> interest on the project. I have a couple weeks to work on it until I
> go work at a summer camp for kids for 2 months, which won't really
> allow me to do any coding, so I want to know if I should finish the
> opcodes and get a release version before that, since otherwise I can't
> really do any work on it until august. I also need to figure out the
> appropriate open source license to use for the code.

Performance does seem to be a problem... :-) I've always thought
of Javascript as a nice target to write a VM on, but running an
interpreter on an interpreter, even if the latter is heavily
optimized... As an educational tool it would definitely be cool,
but I'm not sure about serious apps like game scripting.

There's also another project that sounds like it's chugging along
fine and there's code released, LuLu : LuaVM on Lua, at:

I wonder if the author is lurking around these parts...

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia