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We are proud to announce the next release of Lua for Windows (LfW). It has almost all of the features that we planned for before the first release candidate. This release also marks the full ability to install on a limited (non-administrators) user account. Please give feedback. Enjoy

   05/23/2008 Version - Alpha 5
   + Added Lua-GD
   + Added the PN help file.
   + Added Lua file associations for limited users.
   ^ Updated the installer to check if PN is running and display a
      message if it is.
   ^ Changed the way it makes web links in the start menu. The icons should
       now be the machines default icon for the shortcuts.
   ^ Switched to html for the LuaForWindows documentation.
   ^ Moved the 'Lua On The Web' shortcut to the documentation directory under
      the start menu.
   - Removed the .lua extention from the PATHEXT environment variable.
     This was leading to possible application named the same thing not
     getting called when it has the same name as your lua script.
     This only changes the need for the .lua on the end of you script
     name. (e.g. MyScript.lua param1 param2 instead of MyScript param1 param2)
   '+' = Addition, '*' = Bug Fix, '-' = Removed, '~' = Move, '^' = Updated

RJP Computing