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This is another major release moving towards the first release candidate. I fixed all known bugs and added many new modules. Please test it and provide feedback. Also if people could test the LuaSQL module that would be helpful.

    05/16/2008 Version - Alpha 2
    + LuaUnit
    + LuaZip
    + LuaExpat
    + LuaDate
    + LuaProfiler
    + MD5
    + LuaSQL - Only the SQLite3 driver is tested.
    + LuaCURL
    + Alien
    + LPeg
    + Added a 'utils' directory to hold helpful Lua tools like the
      LuaProfiler summary tool
    + Added a Start Menu shortcut to the documentation
    + Added the LuaDoc examples
    * Fixed the missing documentation for LuaDoc
    * Fix PN so that it has a profile for wlua.

    '+' = Addition, '*' = Bug Fix, '-' = Removed, '~' = Move, '^' = Updated


RJP Computing