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I'm launching some Lua code from C++ using lua_pcall using Lua 5.1.3. My Lua
script is creating several coroutines and trying to deliver messages between
them. I'm getting the following error on yield however:

attempt to yield across metamethod/C-call boundary

Reading through the mailing list archive I discovered calling yield from a
script executed from lua_pcall isn't supported in standard Lua. I found the
coco patch that I thought would let me do what I'm after. The coco patch unit
tests all pass but I continue to get the above error.

Here's the flow of my application:

C++: Calls a Lua function that creates a coroutine to do some work.
Lua: Coroutine runs, but then needs to send a message back to C++ and wait
for a response. It calls a C++ function to 'send' the message and calls
coroutine.yield.  It's at this point I get the above error.
C++: The message is handled, so it calls another Lua function to deliver the
Lua: The Lua function gets the response, and calls coroutine.resume for the
waiting coroutine, passing it the response.

I've done similar things in Python using a stackless tasklet. It seems I'm
missing a fundamental difference with Lua in this case.