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> Sputnik (a wiki written in Lua) has a bugtracker addon.
hm... i'll take a look at it (addon). tnx.

You can see it in action at

Note one non-obvious feature: you can ask for "", then run it as Lua in a sandbox, take the environment with getfenv, then access the fields you want:

    ticket_as_lua = socket.http.request("")
    ticket_f = loadstring(ticket_as_lua)
    setfenv(ticket_f, {})
    ticket = getfenv(ticket_f)

This should print "high"
At the moment you can't get the list of tickets remotely (except by filtering, but I am planning to extend Tickets to make it possible to get a list of tickets either as a plain text or as a lua table.  (This shouldn't take more than a dozen lines of code.)

 - yuri