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On Thu, 27 Mar 2008 21:19:00 -0300 wrote:

> >  (I moded it to allow a template to call a subtemplate, I can put up a
> >  patch if somebody wants it, it is most simple).
> am i wrong, or this would be the first widely-available site running
> on Xavante? also, if you're running behind Apache (sound advice), why
> not using FastCGI or mod_lua instead of Xavante?

I did not try the fastcgi launcher :)
And I could not get mod_lua to work the way I wanted.
I tried quite some time ago so my memory is not very clear, but IIRC I
could not have it read my scripts correctly (to load some sute specific 
modules, changing the package.path somehow did not work).
I also remember 500 errors when I tried some hacking to change the path.

I can try again and report my result if that interrests people.

> >  PS: Lua rocks so much I'm having fun making smtp servers with it ;>
> now that's a big praise!

Lua deserves it! (And kepler and the loop libs and many other things :)