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I am announcing a new project(that the Powers That Be could add
the the lua user projects list if they feel so inclined ;) using Lua:

== User decription
It is a free anonymous/temporary mail service. Basically this allows
people to use whatever they want without having
to register and then check the mails online. One obvious usage being
registration on sites known for spamming your mail.

== What is lua used for
The site is based on many kepler modules (and it runs an xavante, altough
behind an apache proxy). The pages are rendered using a custom mod of
the Cosmo template library.
(I moded it to allow a template to call a subtemplate, I can put up a
patch if somebody wants it, it is most simple).

This is a full lua project since it also uses my Tethys SMTP server for
the mail receiving side (
which BTW could also be added to the project list if you want) .

== Contact


PS: Lua rocks so much I'm having fun making smtp servers with it ;>

DarkGod <>