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Eugen-Andrei Gavriloaie wrote:

I need an advice from you guys...

I have made a server like application. This server handles multiple TCP connections. Each connection is part of an "application". Each "application" is a Lua script that must contain certain functions that I call from C++ when a message arrives over a TCP connection. The messages that I receive over the TCP connection have a relatively high rate. For each message that I receive I must do sequence of operations
like this:

lua_getglobal(state, "OnSomeMessage"); //get OnSomeMessage function from Lua script
lua_push*(state,...); //add parameter 1
lua_push*(state,...); //add parameter 2
lua_push*(state,...); //add parameter n

Sounds similar what I experimented a while ago. You may find my work at (look for DSAS-DynaSet Application Server there). (Warning: I didn't use DSAS in any real project. After experimenting, I stop with "Ok, it seems work & usable" :) )


Hakki Dogusan